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Culture: technology drive innovation

Vision: the world's leading semiconductor device technology and product provider

Oriental Semiconductor was founded in 2008, registered capital is 42.24million yuan. Oriental Semiconductor is a technology driven semiconductor company. It is one of the very few companies focuses on semiconductor transistor structure innovations. The company has a number of core patents of semiconductor devices and series of publications on the international top journals. In 2013, the original invention of the Semi-Floating Gate transistor was published on the 《SCIENCE》, which is the first domestic research result on core semiconductor device technology ever published. CCTV news, the 《people's daily》 and other media made the news headlines, resulting in great splash in China and internationals.

The development and industrialization of semiconductor devices with independent intellectual property is the core mission of Oriental Semiconductor. It is also the core member of the "Yangtze River Delta integrated circuit design and manufacturing collaborative innovation center". The company has more than50 patents, including U.S.and PCT patents.

Oriental Semiconductor is an ISO9001 certified company

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